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Giovanni Cirulli

Ferrari 355
“I love Andrew’s passion...”
Date: 06/02/17
Giovanni Cirulli: Ferrari 355

What car do you drive?

A Ferrari 355 – bellissimo!

What do you like best about your car?

The way it makes me feel. I love the connection I have with the car. It has a great spirit too.

What’s the most memorable drive you’ve had in the car?

The majority of my family live in Verona. I often drive to visit home. I enter Italy from France on the coast road – the noise from the 355 in the tunnels makes my pulse run faster.

Why do you have your car detailed?

I remember the feeling I had when I saw my car for the first time at the dealership. It looked gorgeous. I want my car to stay that way. I use it, so it gets dirty. But a regular detail keeps it looking fantastic and properly protected.

What products did you have your car finished with?

I had a Gtechniq CS Black detail. Probably overkill – but I think it’s worth it.

Why do you use Bellissimoto?

I love the service I get from Bellissimoto and Andrew in particular. He is very passionate about detailing and knowledgeable when it comes to the best products. My car aways looks like it did when I first saw it at the dealership. Ciao.