Which detail is right for me?

New car

Recommended for new cars less than 3 months old with near perfect paintwork involving comprehensive treatment to all areas of the vehicle (interior and exterior) to prolong the appearance and protection of interior and exterior surfaces. Not to be compared with anything a main dealer offers!


Recommended for lightly swirled and marred paintwork. Most cars more than 6 months, but less than 3 years old, will require this treatment to refine and refresh the paintwork finish and leave the vehicle properly protected. Ideal as a bi-annual or pre-winter treatment.


Recommended for medium swirled paintwork with minor surface imperfections. Most cars more than 1 year, but less than 5 years old, will require this treatment to bring about a enhanced paintwork lustre and leave the vehicle properly protected. Ideal as a bi-annual or annual treatment.


Recommended for cherished cars with heavily swirled paintwork or paintwork in need of intense correction. It involves multiple stages of machine polishing to remove deep scratches and swirl marks which restores and creates a deep lustre finish. All areas of the vehicle receive meticulous attention. Additional protection options included as standard. Recommended as a one-off treatment.


This is the ultimate in detailing. We’ll do whatever is necessary to achieve as close to perfection as physically possible and no time limit will be set for the work to be completed; it will simply take as long as it takes.

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