Leather Restoration

At Bellissimoto, we are specialists in all types of leather repair, restoration, and recolouring (commonly referred to as Connolisation). We are able to carry out an invisible repair to a cigarette burn area through to a full retrimMing service. Whatever size of repair or restoration project we undertake, we do so with a meticulous attention to detail and professionalism.

summary overview of our services

  • Leather repair, to areas of high wear such as seat bolsters can be repaired and restored
  • Scuffs removed
  • Cigarette burns and tears
  • Sunlight fading and stitching problems
  • Doorcard repairs
  • Dashboard holes removed
  • Carpet burns
  • Full interior retrimming service
We are often asked what Connolisation is...

It is basically the recolouring and rejuvenation of the leather that restores the original finish.

The process is named after The Connolly Leather Company (now no longer in existance) which pioneered the technique. They were located next door to the Rolls Royce factory and built up their reputation based on the fact that they supplied hides to both Rolls Royce and Aston Martin.

It is basically involves the recolouring and rejuvenation of the leather that restores the original finish which has been damaged through wear. The process involves a scrub-down to remove damaged surface finishes, filling, and then remoisturising it to prepare the leather for new dye to be added before reconditioning.

Although we follow a similar traditional approach, the recolouring process created by Connolly is a redundant system which lives on in name only as it has now been outclassed by modern techniques and more durable products.

Please feel free to enquire about any of our services and how we can assist you.