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Ducati Corse (of course)

Date: 20/04/16    |   Pictures: Laurent Nivalle

passion with a punch

Although we at Bellissimoto mainly work on vehicles with four wheels, we confess to having a bit of a passion for those with two wheels as well. When it comes to motorbikes, that passion increases with the sound of a v-twin and the drop dead looks of Ducati.  Now, there’s no doubting how good a Ducati looks on the raod, but its real home (and pedigree) is the racetrack. These images of the Ducati Corse factory team in action capture the spirit of the brand (and got me itching for two wheels again!)

Ducati Corse is the racing team division of Ducati that deals with the firm’s involvement in motorcycle racing. It is directed by Claudio Domenicali and is based inside Bologna. More than one hundred people work in Ducati Corse supporting the team efforts in MotoGP and the Superbike World Championship.

DucatiCorse-1 DucatiCorse-2 DucatiCorse-3