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Arif Kahn

Ferrari 458 Italia
“I’ve used a number of detailers, but none can match the attention to detail that Andrew at Bellissimoto offers - prepare to be blown away!”
Date: 14/10/15
Arif Kahn: Ferrari 458 Italia

What car do you drive?

Currently a Ferrari 458 Italia.

What do you like best about your car?

Where do you start? I love the spirit of this car. I become completely immersed in the experience.

What’s the most memorable drive you’ve had in the car?

I had the opportunity of picking the car up from the factory. The journey back (the long way) up the east coast of Italy and through the Alps was just awesome. The 458 really comes into its own through the mountain passes. Loved it.

Why do you have your car detailed?

The purchase was a big investment for me. I cherish my car and want to keep it looking that way. I only trust a knowledgeable detailer to do that.

What products did you have your car finished with?

As I don’t do loads of miles in the car, I chose against a ceramic coating in favour of one of the best waxes available – Swissvax Crystal Rock. I think the finish is more natural than a coating and the gloss appears ‘wetter’.

Why do you use Bellissimoto?

I don’t trust my car to anyone and confess to being a little bit OCD. I gave Andrew a hard time initially as I wanted to ensure that he really knew his stuff and was going to properly look after my Ferrari. He calmly reassured me and delivered the result. He now has a regular client that not only trusts him, but also happily recommends him to others.